Calendar View

The calendar view is where you’ll spend most of your time. From this screen you can see which days have scheduled deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or non-financial events. Additionally each day has a color bar that shows your day-to-day financial health. A green chit means everything is great but a red chit means your account balance is getting low.

Money Graph

The graph lives at the bottom of the screen and updates in real-time so you can see the affect of every change right away. Pinch to zoom in and out of the graph; down to a single month or out to an entire year. From the account panel you can toggle which accounts appear in the graph so you only see the information that matters most, for example you may want to track your mortgage but you might not want to see it in the graph since it doesn’t affect your day-to-day decision-making.

Account Manager

If you think of transactions like as appointments, you should think of your accounts as separate calendars; one for your checking, one for savings, one for your Visa, etc. Glass Jar lets you have as many accounts as you want. Give each account a color of your choosing; each a different color or maybe all of the credit cards to orange, it’s up to you. From the account panel you can also quickly update your current balances or toggle which accounts will appear in the calendar and the graph. The account panel is also where you’ll get messages about the state of your accounts; Glass Jar can tell you when a loan will be paid off, when a checking account will be overdrawn, or when a credit card will exceed its credit limit. Of course you’re in complete control and can toggle any warning on or off.

Intelligent Transfers

Once you set up a second account you can set up transfers. Schedule a payment from your checking account to your credit card and Glass Jar will update both automatically. It’s even smart enough to know when a credit card is almost paid off and will only transfer the amount needed to get it to zero.

You can, and should, set up monthly transfers to a savings account and zoom out on the graph; it’s a great feeling to watch that line move up and to the right.

Powerful Repeat Choices

Financial events tend to take place at odd intervals. Your car insurance might be due every two months, you might get paid on the first and the fifteenth, and your Starbucks visits might be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Glass Jar has a wide variety of repeat settings that make it as easy to set up a daily allowance as it is to schedule your semi-annual Olympics party.

Transaction Panel

Setting up or editing a transaction is quick and easy. This makes experimenting a snap. You can tweak your pay to see what your financial future would look like with a raise, or quickly find out how often you can take your SO on a date without bouncing a rent check. All of your changes appear instantly in the graph. You can set reminders, toggle visibility in the calendar, have transaction automatically clear, and more from one simple interface. You can even delete a transaction; you wouldn’t think that’s a big deal until you feel the rush for finally removing that “Student loan payment” transaction from your life.

To Do List

When you create new transaction you can set up a reminder. For example, you might set a one week reminder for your phone bill. Glass Jar will remind you to pay the bill each month a week before it’s due. Once you’ve paid the bill simply check it off of the to do list and Glass Jar will no longer calculate it as part of your outlook.

You also have the option to have your transactions automatically clear so that your to do list doesn’t become cluttered with tasks that have already taken place. You even have the option to let transactions “float” until they’ve cleared; in the phone bill example you might want the transaction to be included in the outlook until the check clears the bank. Since you don’t know in advance when that will happen you can just let the transaction float until you see it appear in your bank statement.

List View

Show all of your transactions in a convenient list. You can sort transactions by name, date, amount, account, or by type (deposit, withdrawal, transfer, etc) Finding what you’re looking for is never a problem.

Customizable Settings

Make Glass Jar fit the way you want to manage your finances. Turn all the warnings on to get Glass Jar to nag you about every little thing, turn them all off to get a laid back helper, or mix and match to create the money planner that works for you. From starving college kid to wealthy banker, from OCD penny-pincher to relaxed spender it’s easy to get Glass Jar to behave the way that suits you best.

More To Come:

The development map for Glass Jar includes even more amazing tools to put you in control of your money. Visit the blog for updates about forthcoming features or to make a request for a feature of your own.