Take Control Of Your Financial Future

How much money will you have in your checking account 18 months from next Tuesday? Glass Jar can tell you that and a lot more. It’s as easy to use as a calendar because Glass Jar is a calendar, an incredibly easy to use and super powerful calendar for taking control of your financial future.

Easy to use: Glass Jar works just like a calendar, so you already know how to use it. Enter your pay, your bills, birthdays, etc. Using the powerful repeat settings you can enter everything just once. After just a few minutes of setup you’ll be able to see years into your financial future, get reminders about pending bills, warnings about overdrafts, and so much more.

Unlimited accounts: Manage as many accounts as you’d like, everything from checking accounts and saving accounts to credit cards and loans. Glass Jar will calculate interest, payoff dates, and more. You can even intelligently transfer between various accounts, for example if you’ve scheduled a $100 payment to a credit card that only has a balance of $50 Glass Jar is smart enough to pay it off without over paying.

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Automatic to do lists: Tell Glass Jar how far out you want to be reminded about a bill or an event and it will be added to your to do list automatically. You even have the option to have Glass Jar automatically check off tasks after they’re due to occur so your task list doesn’t grow out of control.

Powerful tools: Use the graph to see trends at a glance. Pinch to zoom in to a single month or zoom out to see a whole year at once. It’s simple to find the perfect time for that big purchase you’ve been dreaming of or to quickly spot trouble and move expenses around to smooth things out. Glass Jar lets you clearly see what your money is doing so you can make sure it’s doing what you want it to.

Plenty of warning: Glass Jar makes avoiding problems and planning ahead easy. You’ll get a warning if a checking account will overdraft or a credit card will exceed its credit limit. But it’s not just bad news, you can also choose to be informed when a loan will be paid off or when a credit card reaches a balance of zero. You can also set how far out you want Glass Jar to look for these events, up to two full years ahead.

Custom fit: Glass Jar is easy to customize to your needs. For example, each day in the calendar shows a color bar to tell you your financial health on that day. Green is good, red is bad. But a net worth that a college student with a part-time job considers really good a doctor with their own practice might think of as dangerously low. That’s why it’s you can set your own good/bad range values.